Easter Egg Puzzles or Kids

Printable Easter egg puzzles for kids. Puzzles are available in color and black and white variant. And also, in two levels of difficulty: 2 or 4 pieces.

Color version, 2 pieces:

>> http://freebies.amaxsoftware.com/2020/031/EasterEggPuzzles.Color.pdf

Color version, 4 pieces:

>> http://freebies.amaxsoftware.com/2020/031/EasterEggPuzzles.Kids.Color.pdf

Black and white version, 2 pieces:

>> http://freebies.amaxsoftware.com/2020/031/EasterEggPuzzles.BW.pdf

Black and white version, 4 pieces:

>> http://freebies.amaxsoftware.com/2020/031/EasterEggPuzzles.Kids.BW.pdf